Walking the Path Together: Building a Relationship with Your Spiritual Director

This sets the stage for sickness to occur in the body. An unbalanced and dis-eased country inside the bodily constitution are therefore the meditated pics of our habitual mind and feelings. It is the manifestation of the inner truth of mind and feelings. This is not to say that each one ailments are the result of the play of the mind and feelings–there are, of path, a small percentage of ailments the end result of physical causes.

There are 4 fundamental standards to consider in metaphysical healing:

1) The practise of the Healer

2) Determining the purpose of inharmony

3) The desire of metaphysical remedy

four) The real restoration and teaching

Concerning the primary point, each healer spiritual director should recognize that what absolutely heals is the divine electricity of the Universal Mind. The healer is merely a channel for the restoration energies to go with the flow, or not less than, a catalyst for the healing electricity that flows from the affected person’s divine precept. Because strength is tainted by the channel in which it flows, it behooves the healer to purify his lower being from all obnoxious cloth. In the ancient Mystery Schools, as an example, each would-be-healer could go through purification inside the form of prayers, fasting, meditation, and different spiritual physical games. This had a three-fold impact–the removal of pollutants from the bodily device; the strengthening, vitalizing, and magnetizing of the charisma and apprehensive gadget–both subtle and gross;

“One of the finest weakness of so-called Christianity lies within the fact that they’ve deified me as a god to worship or bow right down to and to make wishful prayers to; yet my challenge and message they regularly neglect . . . ” (1986:27)

And one of the contents of this “message”

To recognise that we ourselves are gods and legitimately the spiritual children of God. It is humanity’s challenge to mirror, to explicit their Father-Mother in all the infinite worlds, geographical regions, and dimensions.

We repeat, humanity is an expression or partial manifestation of God, and are therefore little children of the Supreme Being. To don’t forget ourselves any less is to demean the utterance of Truth by means of the Nazarene. This declaration from the scriptures factor out that humanity ought to in the end come to recognize this Truth right here on earth and in waking attention. This fact is what emancipates someone from all mortal states and conditions.